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School of Business Administration

The goal of the School of Business Administration is to cultivate highly-specialized human resources capable of meeting contemporary social needs. The School, which has its roots in the Kobe University of Commerce, aims to achieve the research and educational goals desirable for the twenty-first century. The School of Business Administration is made up of two departments. One is the Department of Strategic Management that aims to develop businesspeople who can cope with the environmental changes affecting management organizations. The other is the Department of Entrepreneurship and Management that focuses on fostering entrepreneurs who will create new business.

Presently, there are about 1,000 undergraduate students studying in the School, and about new 250 students enroll every year.

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Graduate School of Accountancy
Graduate School of Business

The Graduate School, which consists of a two-year master's program and a three-year doctoral program, offers students the opportunity to acquire sophisticated expertise. The Graduate School of Accountancy, which was established in 2007, aims to produce professional accountants with specialized skills. The Graduate School of Business, which is going to start in April, 2010, is designed to foster professionals with management skills. Students with excellent records can benefit from a unified five-year program of undergraduate and graduate education, which enables them to enter the Graduate School one year before their graduation. Moreover, the Graduate School has a doctoral program for those who would like to continue further research.

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